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Homelection Malaysia are Authorized Exclusive Distributor of Joyoung's small appliance brand in Malaysia, We committed to providing high quality products with inspirational design and revolutionary technology.

In 1994, the world's first fully automatic soybean milk machine came out in Joyoung

In 1994, the world's first fully automatic soybean milk machine came out in JoyoungToday, Joyoung has become the synonymous with soy milk machine and has already possessed 20 national exclusive patent in the soy milk machine manufacturing craft. In recent years, Joyoung lead the technology innovation of soy milk machine, comprehensively surpassing existing soy milk producing craft and becoming prevalent.

Joyoung always encourages consumers to express their love to their families, making a cup of soy milk or a dinner by themselves is the best care and love for their families. To this end, Joyoung has been working hard to provide consumers with better and more convenient kitchen life solutions. Through technological upgrading and humanized products, cooking becomes easy and expressing love becomes simple. At present, Joyoung continues to expand in the field of healthy food appliances, and new products emerge in endlessly. The main products include soymilk, noodle maker, juice maker, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker, food processor, electric cooker, boiling water cooker, rice cooker, One Cup, dishwasher, cooking machine, etc. Supporting healthy diet, the "Sunshine Doufang" sub-brand focuses on the research of five-grain health foods such as soy milk raw materials and grain powder.

In 2012, Joyoung will successfully launch products such as range hoods, gas stoves, dual-proof water heaters, and disinfection cabinets, redefining a new healthy kitchen.

As of now, Joyoung has already got 520 technology patents

As of now, Joyoung has already got 520 technology patents, including 27 invention patent, 252 utility model patents,241 appearance design patents. Moreover, Joyoung added 230 claims of patent application and participate in more than 30 national industrial standard formulation and revision. In November of 2009, the national soy milk machine standard accreditation in which the Joyoung act as the group leader has got approval, which is the milestone of the development in the soy milk machine industry.